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Albi Arts

Acid Teddy

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 60cm x 55cm

Made with love and absolutely ONE OF A KIND, this rug can be used as an art piece on the floor in a low foot traffic area OR you can hang it up on your wall!

You can achieve this by adding D hooks with glue to the back (we suggest at least two to hold the weight) or even just nail this bad boy right into your wall!

Also, if you have the space it would also make a wonderful middle of the table piece of decor. We hope you love your new rug as much as we do, We are so glad to bring you something we are truly proud to create for you and your wonderful new space at home!


CARE: DO NOT Put in washing machine, please vacuum gently if needed, fraying may occur if this happens you can grab some scissors and snip the strand of yarn off that’s poking out.

If you spill something on it please patch test and gently dab with warm drained (not soaked) cloth. If you have issues please feel free to email us for help.

Please take good care of your new piece and you should have no issues! 🙂


Colours may vary slightly in person