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Albi Arts

Albi Pals! Disnefy'd Custom Pet Pillows

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Albi Pals are here!!!

We are so excited to bring you something so unique that the whole family can enjoy! Our Albi Pals are custom designed by ourselves and turned into a wonderfully adorable Disnefy'd version of your furry friend! 

What to do!

  • Simply attach a picture you'd like Disnefy'd of your pet and select the Headshot or Fullbody option! Please ensure the photo is clear and the lighting is nice and bright so we can assess your pets colouring and eye colour correctly!
  • THAT'S IT! Then you can just sit back and watch your favourite tv show until the awaited email from us with your design hits your inbox! Then simply give us the A-O-Kay and your pillow will be made and sent in a jiffy!
  • We can't wait for you to receive your Albi Pal! Please if you have the time we would love for you to snap a photo you'd like us to share on socials and please leave a review! Each review helps our business tremendously! 

Want more than one pet?

We are able to place one or TWO pets on a single pillow, please ensure you select the correct amount of pets you'd like on the one pillow from the drop down menu. However if you'd like multiple pets on separate pillows, eg. if you have three pets but want them to each be on their own pillow. Please select "One Pet" in the dropdown menu and insert one pet picture, and repeat this three times so you have three separate pillows in your cart.


You have four options to chose from with sizing! The one pictured with our black and white fur babies is an Extra Small for your size reference! Please note if you would like the image of your pet to be full body we highly recommend a medium or large size to enhance the image quality!

Sizes include:

  • Extra Small 30cm
  • Small 40cm
  • Medium 50cm
  • Large 60cm


Your very own pillow will be designed and sent to you for approval within 1-3 business days (dependant on demand) Please note, we will only be able to send you the image that will be printed onto your pillow to you for approval, instead of a full pillow mockup as each pillow will be a unique shape to the image you have supplied for us to design, which makes them even more special! They will then be sent to our producers overseas who help us make this magic happen! Don't fret, we have organised a fairly quick shipping turnaround for you, approx 8-14 business days however if you'd like express please email us prior to ordering and we can organise this for you at an extra cost!


Made from polyester fabric with a zip at the bottom, stuffed with a polyester filling. 

The cushion case is machine washable on gentle and please airdry instead of put in the dryer to avoid any pulls in stitching or warping of fabric.