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Albi Arts

Aussie Icons Colouring Book

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Oi Cobba! 

We made this beaut of a colouring book aye! 

Featuring so many of your favourite Aussie Classics, from the early 90s ‘til now you’ll be in stitches of laughter colouring your worries away!

This colouring book is now better than ever! This sheila is now saddle stitched to the side and has colouring on one sided pages so you can colour with markers with no worry of bleed through! So go crazy and get colouring and let’s bring the joy back to Aussie and it’s Classic Comedy history! 

22 Colouring pages included, featuring some Aussie Queer culture, 90s nostalgia, plenty of Kath and Kimmy PLUS SO MUCH MORE!

- A5 sized book

- 170 gsm matte cover page
- 120 gsm inner pages
Saddle stitched


gift wrapping not included