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100% Handmade!

Hand-Tufted by us in our in home studio in Brisbane, Australia! Unapologetically express yourself with some amazing unique rug decor completely suited to you! Make your space feel like home!

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Talk Custom to me!

Have an epic rug idea in mind for yourself or a friend or loved one? Let us create a unique rug for the space completely designed by you- or ask us for help and we will happily help you bring your idea to life!

Message us using the form below! Please include your ideas, ideal size of the rug and budget you’d prefer to work with (we will do our best to accommodate)

Custom Rug Review

"I contacted @albi.arts for a commissioned piece as a surprise for my boyfriend. She was not only super professional but made sure to account for everything I was looking for and wanted it to be just as perfect as I did. She is super talented and I’ve never been so happy with an end result ever! I was speechless when I saw it in person! Couldn’t recommend her work enough and so glad she was able to create such a sentimental piece for me" - Steph. F

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